Prafull Bhimraj Sawant

Prafull Bhimraj Sawant

Prafull B. Sawant has long been considered one of the foremost Realistic artists in the world. He is best known for his Plain Air atmospheric landscapes that captures the light to create the mood and space of the scene. He is frequently invited for Plain Air workshops, to jury competitions and prestigious Invitational exhibitions and events such as “10th Festival International De L’Aquarelle”, Aiguillon, France (2017), “Artlife Fest-2018” in Moscow, Russia, “Festival De International Aqurela” in Peru (2019) and more.

He was the first and the only artist from India to win the 148th International Exhibition of American Watercolor Society Award held in New York (2015). His international awards include: First Award at “10th Festival De L Aquarelle” in Aiguillon, France (2017), Silver Award at “Dawei International Art Exhibition” in Jinan, Org by Qilu art Museum, China (2017), festival Maxi Paint Performance Award, Italy (2016). In addition to international credits, he won 45 awards and scholarships at National and State Level in India. His works are featured in premier international watercolor magazines and books. His works are most sought after among private collectors, Art Museums and Galleries across the world.

佩拉弗.薩旺特長期以來被視為當今最具代表性的寫實主義藝術家之一。他以生動的寫生風景畫廣為人知,運用光線創造畫面的情緒與空間感。佩拉弗經常受邀參加寫生工作坊、擔任評審及參與邀請展活動,如法國艾吉永第十屆國際水彩節(2017 年)、俄羅斯莫斯科藝術生活節(2018年),以及祕魯國際水彩節(2019 年)等。

他是第一位也是唯一一位印度藝術家,榮獲美國水彩協會於紐約的第 148 屆國際展覽獎(2015年)。國際獎項包括:法國艾吉永第十屆國際水彩節首獎(2017 年)、中國濟南齊魯美術館之「大偉國際藝術展」銀獎( 2017 年)、義大利馬克西繪畫展演獎(2016 年)等。佩拉弗還贏得 45 項印度國家級與省級獎項及獎學金。重要國際水彩雜誌與書籍皆刊載他的作品.他的作品也經世界各地私人收藏家、藝術館和畫廊等爭相收藏。

Prafull Bhimraj Sawant,  Morning Light at Malta 馬爾他的晨光

Morning Light at Malta 馬爾他的晨光

Transparent watercolor 透明水彩|55 x 36 cm|2018

This painting location is very unique location I thought, this is from Valletta Malta from my last visit in 2018, its wonderful sculpture on corner of the wall and interesting up downs of the lane is beautiful subject for watercolor I think. I try to catch morning light with depth of lane in watercolor.


Prafull Bhimraj Sawant,  Wet Day at Moscow 莫斯科的雨天

Wet Day at Moscow 莫斯科的雨天

Transparent watercolor 透明水彩|55 x 75 cm|2017

I love to paint atmospheric feelings in watercolor, I think watercolor medium is very closest to catch that kind of feelings in painting and I had try in this my Moscow street subject with the moment of the rush hour in rainy day. I try to use different gradation and colors for the sky to catch the atmospheric feelings .


Prafull Bhimraj Sawant,  Blue Night at Prague 布拉格的藍色夜晚

Blue Night at Prague 布拉格的藍色夜晚

Transparent watercolor 透明水彩|36 x 55 cm|2018

From the beginning I had interest to catch night atmosphere in my watercolors, this work I have try to use opposite color blue in that painting and try to get effects of Blue Night with sparkling lights using without white.