Josefia Lemon

Josefia Lemon

Josefia Lemon is a Sydney-based artist whose work has been displayed in group exhibitions in Australia, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and China. Born in Indonesia. She emigrated to Australia in 1979. In the early 1990s, her first workshop at the Mitchell School of Creative Arts was instrumental in her decision to pursue a new career in art. She is a well-known teacher of watercolor classes and workshops, particularly at the Julian Ashton Art School. Josefia was elected a member of the AWI in 2004 and has served as a member of the Executive Committee since that year. Josefia explains the approach to her watercolors as follows: There is a special alchemy that can take place when transparency of paint pigments on paper evokes a sense of natural light and hopefully captures a fleeting moment or mood. My inspiration comes from my natural surroundings in Sydney, usually harbour views and rural landscapes encountered on my trips. An important aspect of my watercolour landscapes is an  endeavour to capture and impart a sense of serenity.

喬瑟菲亞.蕾蒙主要在雪梨進行創作。其作品曾在澳洲、韓國、墨西哥、臺灣與中國之聯展中展出。生於印尼,1979 年移民至澳洲。1990 年代初期,她在米切爾藝術學院(Mitchell School of Creative Arts)擧辦的首場工作坊將她推上藝術的道路。她是水彩課程與工作坊知名敎師,特別是在朱利安艾什頓學院更是如此。喬瑟菲亞於 2004 年成為澳洲水彩畫會會員,並於同年擔任執行委員會委員至今。關於自己的水彩創作,她如是說:當紙上的顏料通透性引出自然光的感覺,甚至捕捉轉瞬即逝的時刻或心情,獨特的煉金術便就此發生。我的靈感來自於我在雪梨時的自然環境,通常是港口風光與旅行中所見的鄉村風景。我水彩風景畫的重點之一,便是努力捕捉並分享那份寧靜感。

Morning Light, Mittagong 米塔貢晨光

Watercolour 水彩|56 x 76cm|2018

It’s a wonderful view of the Southern Highlands. I could see the rich colours of the landscape, the rolling mountains and hills. I am trying to capture a sense of distance and hoping to impart a sense of serenity too.


Misty Morning Charlotte Pass – Snowy Mountains 雪山夏洛特山口晨霧

Watercolour 水彩|56 x 76 cm|2019

Last month I had a trip to the Snowy Mountains in search of inspiration. It’s a cold Autumn morning as I stood and looked at the wonderful view from the top of Charlotte Pass, Kosciuszko National Park. The clouds covered the peaks of those mountains and the Snowy Rivers run down from the top of the mountains. It’s such a peaceful feeling. I am trying to capture the mood of the majestic view.


Morning Light at Snowy Mountains 大雪山晨光

Watercolour 水彩|56 x 76 cm|2019

This is another perspective of the mountains view. I could see the rolling mountains, rocks and the beautiful colours of the snow gums. I am trying to capture a sense of distance and serenity in my painting.