Benjamin Woollcombe

Benjamin Woollcombe 
(New Zealand)

I became interested in the medium of water color in 1979 when I first exhibited in Auckland New Zealand.

I enjoy painting plein air amidst our majestic mountains of the South Island. All my work is painted from real life whether landscape, portrait, or still life. Working fast, as light and other conditions change, does not allow for getting too caught up in the details. I find that paintings made in this way are fresh and reflect the feeling of the subject I am portraying.

My work has been exhibited extensively in New Zealand. Over the years I have been able to paint in many countries including Taiwan, where I weathered out a cyclone at Sun Moon Lake!

After more than 40 years of painting I am still intrigued by this subtle and illusive medium as it envelopes the page.

1978 年在紐西蘭奧克蘭首次展出時,我開始對水彩這樣的媒材產生興趣。我享受在紐西蘭南島壯麗的山巒中進行戶外寫生,無論是風景畫、肖像畫或是靜物畫,我所有的作品都在描繪現實生活。因著光線與其他條件的變化,我迅速創作,不容許自己耽溺於細節之中。我發現如此作畫較為新鮮,也反映出我所描繪的主體的感受。


作畫逾 40 餘載,我依然為水彩這溶納紙張、低調且迷人的媒材深深著迷。

Benjamin-Ben McLoud woolshed, Rangitata Valley, New Zealand

Ben McLoud woolshed, Rangitata Valley, New Zealand 班的羊毛小屋

Watercolor 水彩|18.8 x 28 cm|2000

I was attracted to this group of farm buildings as they made for an interesting composition with the backdrop of shadowed hill behind.
Over more than 40 years of painting I have recorded many buildings that now, no longer exist…..they become a record, a glimpse of the past.


Benjamin-Mount Somers

Mount Somers 向晚風光

Watercolor 水彩|26 x 36cm|1997

I painted this very quickly one evening from my garden. It was the dramatic sky that interested me. With the help of copious water I was able to capture this fleeting scene.
I enjoy the contrast between the light sky washes contrasting with the heavy undiluted paint straight from the tube depicting the evening landscape.


Alstroemerias 百合水仙

Watercolor 水彩|28 x 18.8cm|2004

On a rainy day I sometimes paint a still life or on this occasion a pot with flowers attracted my attention. Painting briskly in a broad manner and leaving highlights I was able to capture the light bright nature of the blooms against the dark background.
I often find that work completed quickly in this way without too much attention to detail are the ones that look well in the frame when finished.