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Rukiye GARIP 路姬耶.歌禮普   (Turkey)

Rukiye GARIP 路姬耶.歌禮普


International Contemporary Graphic Arts Triennial in Novosibirsk, Russia


Artlife Fest in Moscow, Russia


AWS 153rd International Watercolor Exhibition in New York, USA


Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 208th Exhibition in London, England


Silk Road International Art Exhibition in Xi’an, China


國暨當代平面藝術三年展 俄羅斯新伯利亞




美國水彩畫協會第153屆國際水彩畫展 美國紐約


英國皇家水彩畫家協會第208屆展覽 英國倫敦


絲綢之路國際美術邀請展 中國西安

Rust Railway

Rust Railway 鏽色鐵路

2017 | Watercolor 水彩 |38 x 56 cm

A painting from the Rail Series, inspired by the railway near where I live. Railways have preserved their importance from past to present; reminding us of our separations and reunions; spaces that evoke feelings about the past, present and future. As in the human life own process, it is inevitable that the industrial elements it produces will change in the face of time. Rusty irons are like proof of passing time. It’s like a memory book that keeps many memories in it but has a locked cover. The sunlight that once cast bright reflections on the iron rail fasteners is now lost between cracks in the rusty surface. The textures and colors on the stones supporting the rails and the rusty rails also promise a beautiful sunny day.


Rusty Iron Ring

Rusty Iron Ring 生鏽鐵環

2018 | Watercolor 水彩|38 x 56 cm

Rusty surfaces remind me of the past, the passing time. While creating rust colors and textures on surfaces, I like to paint all the details with respect to the time and effort. Like the rusty chains I came across on a cruise, the anchor and anchor ring surrounded by thick ropes between the fishing nets on the pier is also inspiring for me. The relevant appeal of rust colors and the movement of the thick ropes alleviate the sense of abandonment in the composition. In addition to its cold calm atmosphere, the feeling of being still in use brings together two promising contradictions. Warm-colored rusty iron and folds of rope, strongly connected to their warm colors, strongly connected to each other on a cold-colored background; like a summary of the life of a fisherman and his boat.


Stony Creek

Stony Creek 礫石溪流

2023 | Watercolor 水彩|76 x 56 cm

“Stony Creek” is located at the place where I spent my childhood. Its clean, vigorously flowing water was home to the stones we gathered, as well as fish, crabs, tadpoles, and numerous other species, and it also nourished the surrounding farmlands. When I returned years later, there was no trace of that beautiful stream. The water was very shallow and blurry, and the stones in it were covered with moss due to pollution. Countless waste has polluted the area around it. I had the impression that this scene had tainted my childhood memories as well. That day, I wanted to immortalize the creek, which I will never see in its old beautiful state again, as it is in my memory.


Snowy Winter Reflection

Snowy Winter Reflection 雪冬倒影

2021 | Watercolor 水彩|76 x 56 cm

My inspiration for this painting is the woodland area near my home, where I am fascinated by its enchanting beauties in every season and at different times of the day. Melting snow during a walk in snowy weather, leaves in the water, reflected tree branches and light…
Apart from being our source of life, water means transparency, fluidity and dynamism for me.
It means freedom and enthusiasm.
It means serenity, peace, efficiency.
When I look at transparent water, being able to see different areas at the same time that cannot be seen by a human eye and the effect of this fairy-tale atmosphere has always been inspiring for me. Autumn and reflections are the reflections of change and transformation for me. Tree trunks reflecting on the clear water with a thin layer of ice on their edges and colorful stones in the water seem to herald the arrival of spring.