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HOU Yan Ting 侯彥廷   (Taiwan)

HOU Yan Ting 侯彥廷

Graduate Program, Department of Painting and Calligraphy Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts

Head of My Days in Teaching, a painting learning center for adults


IFA Exhibition, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan


“The Possibility of Watercolor” Taoyuan Watercolor Exhibition, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan City Government


“Majestic Fine Art”, Young Art Taipei




IFA展 日本兵庫縣立美術館


「水彩的可能」桃園水彩藝術展 桃園市政府文化局



In the brief encounter with a stranger, we can only recognize the person via information on surface, like his appearance or his choice of belongings. Such projection activity initiated by external things constructs a subjective world in our mind.
Unless through photography, it is not easy for us to see clearly the look of a stranger. Photographs lay out the whole into partial in the manner of information display, showcasing vividly the missed moments and allowing us to wander through the external of each subject.
People are attracted to press the shutter button, and the attraction comes from an unconscious driver. For the works in this series, I delved into albums, searching for the everyday photographs that move me still. Bringing the targets captured normally into the images is also bringing my unconsciousness into the lab.
People tend to piece together new entirety with the partial information displayed on photographs by means of unconscious reproduction, instead of restoration. Thus, I look forward to the reproduction technology like painting to analyze where my focus is. Approaching myself amidst these transient relationships, I try to process my inner sentimentality through the emotionality of watercolor.
I take a closer look at myself via painting and analyze the eyes behind the camera with a camera. In this experiment, a brush is not merely a tool for record, but also a tool for analysis.


交點 1

Encounter 1  交點 1

2023 | Watercolor on Paper 水彩、紙本 |49.5 x 75 cm

交點 2

Encounter 2 交點 2

2023 | Watercolor on Paper 水彩、紙本|49.5 x 75 cm

交點 3

Encounter 3 交點 3

2023 | Watercolor on Paper 水彩、紙本|49.5 x 75 cm


With Book 與書

2020 | Watercolor on Paper 水彩、紙本|52 x 75 cm

The artist seeks to dissect the sensory structure hidden in experience by depicting certain unique emotional experience. Hence, he may observe personal experience via a new perspective and try to find a transformation technique in painting to turn fact into reality.