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Chris CASALI 克里絲.卡莎莉   (Australia)

1 Chris CASALI 克里絲.卡莎莉

Executive Secretary Committee Member, Australian Watercolour Institute


International Watercolour Exhibition, Taiwan Watercolour Award Exhibition, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan


Master of Fine Art with Excellence – UNSW Art & Design, Sydney


Biennial International Prize “Marche dÁcqua” Fabriano Watercolour, Paper & Watermark Museum of Fabriano, Italy


XII International Watercolour Biennial, The Alfredo Guati-Rojo National Watercolour Museum, Mexico City.



國際水彩展暨臺灣水彩畫創作獎得獎作品展 臺灣中正紀念堂


雪梨新南威爾斯大學藝術與設計學院 美術碩士學位且具優異表現


「Marche dÁcqua」法比亞諾 水彩雙年展國際獎 義大利法比亞諾紙張與水印博物館


第12屆國際水彩雙年展 墨西哥市阿弗雷多.瓜蒂.羅霍國立水彩博物館

005-Chris Casali

Study of Contrasts 4# 對比研究4

2023 | Graphite Watercolor on Yupo Paper 石墨水彩、YUPO紙 |93 x 65 cm

Study of Contrasts is a series of work that focuses on the abstraction of light where contrasting elements push and pull the fundamentals of creative exploration. This work resonates within the structure of a floating world, its spirit, history, and future. Depicting an element of the land and the sea by utilizing abstractions in watercolour to mediate between reality, personal interpretation, and emotion.


008-Chris Casali

Study of Contrasts 5# 對比研究5

2023 | Graphite Watercolor on Yupo Paper 石墨水彩、YUPO紙|93 x 65 cm

This painting navigates through an artistic depiction of the conscious and subconscious worlds. It hints towards an active withdrawal from society, a coping mechanism that meditates a practice that’s emotional and intuitive.


007-Chris Casali

Study of Contrasts 6# 對比研究6

2023 | Graphite Watercolor on Yupo Paper 石墨水彩、YUPO紙|93 x 65 cm

The concept of “Floating Worlds” is a theme that is extensively used in creative practice. Each adaption has its own inner meaning and dialogue. This series of work seeks to challenge the conformity and traditions of watercolor painting, allowing the pigment to flourish, granulate and flow. A creative process that’s automatic and sensory.


006-Chris Casali

Study of Contrasts 7# 對比研究7

2023 | Graphite Watercolor on Yupo Paper 石墨水彩、YUPO紙|93 x 65 cm

The painting a Study of Contrasts uses restraint and confusion to evolve complex and detailed imagery that depicts a journey between chaos and bliss. A creative process that is endlessly obsessed over. The detail in this work is deliberately layered and left to overwhelm the viewing audience. This work poses an invitation to viewing experience and personal interpretation.