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YEO Siak Goon 楊昔銀   (Singapore)

29 YEO Siak Goon 楊昔銀

Yeo Siak Goon’s Living with Objects comes from his personal living experience intimately associated with natural environment. Amidst the invisible conflicts between humans and nature, he explores harmony and coexistence.

The artist is almost intentionally obsessed with the tropical landscapes of Southeast Asia, where he is situated. With the lethargic time under the heat, the tropical scenes under his brush also introduce us to a novel life experience, cultural awareness and living aesthetics, as well as the human-nature relationship.

Upholding the philosophy of “open works,” the artist’s “negative and positive techniques” offer something non-fixed, uncertain, or even somehow obscure or ambiguous, thereby granting his readers and viewers a larger space for contemplation and association, thus allowing more contemplation and perception.

Starting from the 1980s to date, his oeuvre has been exhibited and exchanged in Europe, America, and Asia.






Talking Cock  閒聊

2014 | Acrylic on Canvas 壓克力、畫布 |150 x 120 cm

This work depicting the “talk cock” in daily life presents a lively, interesting picture as well as creates a hot yet cool vibe close by. The artist adopts the unique “reverse technique,” i.e. to preserve the base colors of the objects in the foreground and to apply multiple layers of colors to the objects in the background. The work employs two lively cocks that seem to talk with each other to communicate the chitchat amusement and leisurely vibe in daily life. Such presentation in painting elevates this work into an interesting and captivating visual experience.



Bicycle at the Fence 籬笆旁的腳踏車

2015 | Acrylic on Canvas 壓克力、畫布|100 x 200 cm

This is a work that depicts the harmony of people with the environment. The simple view and plane composition in the painting exhibit layers of foreground and background through the fence. With a bicycle that loses a wheel and a lazy kitty, the whole picture overflows with a sense of life.
The work is intended to express a scene of beauty in imperfection. There is no definite figure in the painting. Yet, through the elements of the environment that are delicately portrayed, it imparts the vibe of warmth and serenity that resonates with and allows viewers to immerse themselves in. The color indigo is used to connect the whole image to usher in more dynamic in the work. The work also enables people to ponder and appreciate the value of searching for simplistic beauty in daily life.



Under the Roof  屋檐下

2015 | Acrylic on Canvas 壓克力、畫布|120 x 120 cm

The work depicts the relationship between humans and natural environment. The surroundings in the picture center around the people under the roof, exhibiting a harmonious ambience of tranquility. The whitespace technique is used to introduce more sense of breathing in the image with the seemingly undone work. Such method brings forth diverse room for imagination. The facial expressions on the figures are deliberately not depicted to signal the interdependence and coexistence of humans with natural environment.



River of Life  生命之河

2022 | Acrylic on Canvas 壓克力、畫布|100 x 200 cm

It is a portrayal of the mangrove shore unique to the Southeast Asia, which is a flourishing ecological environment rich in vitality with ebb and flow. The large area of whitespace and the blurred reflections in the foreground add a sense of mystery to the bamboo building veiled in mangroves.
The colors are predominantly blurry greens, in which indigo are inserted here and there artfully to strengthen the sense of layers in the dark of the woods in the picture. Such colors imbue clarity and harmony over the canvas. Both the Chinese and Western techniques and compositions are utilized for the work. Such union grants spectators visual aesthetics and charm.