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臺灣的水彩藝術歷史已逾百年,水加彩的活性特質如今已徹底在地化,成為如假包換的MIT(Made in Taiwan,即臺灣製造),成為臺灣美術發展史不可或缺的一部分。臺灣水彩藝術人才輩出,寫意寫實各具特色,亦是傳承與教育平臺,值得大大珍惜與重視。

「流.水.席 : 活水—2023桃園國際水彩雙年展」是水彩的盛宴,但更強調文化交流、在地思維,不只是一場大型藝術活動。「流.水.席」展現臺灣藝術活力,呼應「活水」的意涵,有異曲同工之妙,都是正面而積極的邀約與對話,以臺灣為基地,建立一個永續的國際水彩交會與切磋的藝術盛會。

“The Flowing Feast” originally refers to a flowing occasion of feast for guests to come and go freely: sharing, carefree, and satisfactory. These terms elucidate the material properties of watercolor: flowing, blending, and airy. If we deconstruct the phrase “The Watercolor Feast,” they are metaphors for changing characteristic, material medium, and invitation to hospitality. Such can be regarded as the appeals in the 2023 Flowing Water – Taoyuan International Watercolor Biennial: Experimental Innovation, Subject Contemplation, Interlocutory Presentation, and Local Characteristics, in an attempt to usher in possibilities for the watercolor of Taiwan in the new century.

The watercolor art in Taiwan has a history of over a century. The active property of water plus color is now fully localized as a de facto MIT product as well as an integral part of the art history of Taiwan. Numerous talents emerge for the watercolor art in Taiwan, presenting varied figurative and freehand creativities. It is also a platform for inheritance and education that deserves great appreciation and attention.

“The Watercolor Feast: Flowing Water – Taoyuan International Watercolor Biennial” not only presents a feast of watercolor, but also accents cultural exchange and local thinking, beyond a mere large art event. “The Watercolor Feast” showcases the artistic vibrancy of Taiwan, artfully resonating with the meaning of “Flowing Water” as both are positive and active invitation and conversation. With Taiwan as a base, it fashions a sustainable feast of art for mutual exchange and learning on watercolor internationally.