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Ted NUTTALL 泰德.納托爾   (USA)

Ted NUTTALL 泰德.納托爾


Received an Award of Excellence in the 25th Annual International Portrait Society Exhibition for my painting entitled “Sentient”


Received the Charles Reid Award of Merit in the 47th annual Juried Exhibition of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America


Received an Award of Excellence in the San Diego Watercolor Society’s 42nd International Exhibition for my painting “Still So Far To Go”.


Received the Mary and Maxwell Memorial Award in the 153rd Annual Juried Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society


Received the Skyledge Award (Best of Show) in the 38th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America –for my painting “The Way I Am Sometimes”
Awarded Master Status in Transparent Watercolor Society of America


《感性》獲頒第25屆國際肖像畫協會年展 優秀獎


美國透明水彩協會第47屆年度評審展 查爾斯‧里德優選獎


《長路依舊》獲頒聖地牙哥水彩畫協會第42屆國際展 優秀獎


美國水彩畫協會第153屆年度評審展 瑪麗與麥克斯韋紀念獎


《我有時候的樣子》獲頒美國透明水彩協會第38屆年度評審展 天階獎(最佳展品獎)


Intranquillite  憂思

2022 | Watercolor 水彩 |49.5 x 35 cm

I was intrigued with the expression and emotion in this young woman’s face. It was an afterthought to introduce the ‘larger than life’ flower petals behind her and I think the tension created with this combination changed and charged the picture.


She Only Remembered the Last Time

She Only Remembered the Last Time 她只記得最後的時光

2022 | Watercolor 水彩|34.5 x 51 cm

Gabrielle was a server at a restaurant I frequented in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She had immigrated from Kazakhstan and had wonderful stories about her travels and pathway to life in the United States. I asked her to sit for me for a series of photographs and was rewarded with this spontaneous moment of reverie.


Something Left Unsaid

Something Left Unsaid 盡在不言中

2023 | Watercolor 水彩| 30.5 x 57 cm

I think hands are so expressive and are often saying the same thing as the face. These are Eva’s hands – the person who cuts my hair. I listened to Madison Cunningham’s hauntingly beautiful song “Life According to Raechel” several times as I worked on the painting and decided to title the painting from a line in the song.



Josslyn 喬絲琳

2019 | Watercolor 水彩|38.75 x 57.75 cm

The photograph I worked from for this painting of my Granddaughter, Josslyn was taken by my working assistant Jeff Pierson. The lighting and her expression were captured at just the perfect moment, and I enjoyed using the juxtaposition of her and the curtains to create an interesting composition.