TAN Suz Chiang 陳書強   (Malaysia)

TAN Suz Chiang 陳書強

Signature member of the American Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society USA

The First Prize of the Northwest Watercolor Society, US

Featured cover artist for the August 2015 and April 2019 topic of “Watercolorists of Southeastern Asia” both issue by Watercolor Artist magazine

Invited as a judge for the International Watercolor Competitions in Indonesia, Greece, and Turkey

Invited as a featured artist (demonstrate for 2000 viewer) during the Mount Lu Watercolor Festival






Memoryland #5

Memoryland #5 回憶之地5

2018 | Watercolor 水彩 |56 x 76 cm

In my artistic practices, I seek to express the stability and strength of architecture. Through the emphasis on vertical lines and simplistic geometric shapes, I attempt to communicate the structural and mechanical properties of buildings. Such abstractive processing helps stand out the architectural form and sense of space, while leaving certain room for imagination to spectators, so that they may freely assign personal interpretations and emotional experiences to the works.


Journey #3

Journey #3 旅行3

2014 | Watercolor 水彩|56 x 76 cm

When traveling abroad, I was fascinated by the bustling lives and a miscellany of makeshift buildings. Those makeshift shacks gave rise to interesting spatial and rhythmic elements. Through painting, I try to depict and express the experiences for these scenes. The ample colors and shapes imbue vitality and creativity into the city. The hustling people come and go in between as if they were engaging in a unique dance. Through my work, I aspire to convey the beauty and vibrancy ushered by these scenes to evoke resonances within spectators. Painting is how I communicate these feelings and emotions, so that people can appreciate and savor these busy yet energic moments.


Life #1

Life #1 生活1

2021 | Watercolor 水彩 |56 x 76 cm

As an artist, I am keen to document the relationships among people. Through painting, I capture scenes in the city, from old houses to modern buildings and to the port. I present the picture using a semi-abstract approach, showcasing the intersection of time with the environment. My goal is to convey the power of time lapse, enabling spectators to sense the variation and emotions in the urban life. With my works, I respect and explore the relationship between space and time, imbuing life with wonderful meanings.


Rhythm #2

Rhythm #2 韻律2

2023 | Watercolor 水彩 |56 x 76 cm

As a travel lover, I am constantly drawn by the landscapes and buildings abroad. Be that a magnificent building or a lovely house, I can always find the type I am fond of. This work depicts a town that preserves the natural charm. The buildings in the town are arranged in an orderly fashion to form an enticingly diversified composition. The simple colors of the buildings intrigue my attention to the overall shape and ambience, in lieu of fixation on details. The painting captures my personal impression and feelings towards the town, which may evolve and fade away in time.