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DONG Shaw Hwei 董小蕙   (Taiwan)

DONG Shaw Hwei 董小蕙

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Applied Arts, Fu Jen Catholic University

Author of The Aesthetical Meaning of Zhuangzi’s Philosophy and The Meaning of Sketching in the Spirit of Zhuangzi’s Reflection via Serenity in Peace


New works debuted at Art Basel in Hong Kong and Tokyo Gendai


“In Courtyard, Recollecting Precious Moments of Life” Solo Exhibition, National Museum of History, Taipei


“Courtyard & Still Life Painting Series” large Solo Exhibition, Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China


Artist-in-Residence and Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Visual Arts, Taipei Municipal University of Education




香港Art Basel、Tokyo Gendai 藝術博覽會新作發表


「老院子.韶光.年華」個展 臺北國立歷史博物館


「老院子.黑桌靜物」大型個展 中國成都四川博物院




Papaya Tree in the Courtyard  老院木瓜樹

2015 | Watercolor 水彩 |52 × 38 cm

The theme of “Courtyard” originated from the painter’s personal experience with the changes to her living environment. There were numerous Japanese-styled compounds in the early days of Taiwan, which became a memory of many before coming of age. These architectures were massively dismantled or remodeled due to urbanization after the 1980s. The painter intends to keep a leaf of the cultural life experience of the time. The natural amusement of flora growing in the serene courtyard, in line with seasonal variation, embodies the cherishing and memory of the peaceful years in life.



Flowerbed under the Tree 樹下花圃

2015 | Watercolor 水彩|52 × 39 cm

The works of the watercolor series “Courtyard” are mostly done on site. The direct experiences in the moment are captured. Presenting the lifelike sense of the instant, it makes the trait unique to watercolor. There are impressionist lighting variation and the lyrical imageries in life in the painting. The portrayal of plants is rich in the brush amusement of the Chinese ink painting, whereby the artist develops a naturally flowing watercolor style with refreshing color texture.



Leisurely the Courtyard  老院閒逸

2016 | Watercolor 水彩|54 × 38.5 cm

The large area of washing in the image, instead of the wet-in-wet technique of the West, is the rich heritage of the Chinese ink painting. In this regard, the painter fuses the aesthetic essences of the Chinese and Western artistic conceptions, leveraging the free-flowing characteristic of watercolor to the fullest. The unintentional painting style presents the vibrancy of plants as well as renders a leisurely comfortable vibe.



Potted Plant in Front of the Door 門前花圃

2016 | Watercolor 水彩|54 × 38.5 cm

Each plant in the image is overflowing with emotions. Either the papaya tree in front of the gate, or the various pants and anonymous grass, or even the trail in the courtyard, the gate, the gate light, and the windows of neighbors beyond the yard, the painter calmly and meticulously presents the imagery, representing an aesthetical conception that is ethereal and lyrical. Also, the refreshing, elegant coloring and the dynamic variation of light and dark exhibit the creative temperament of the painter.