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CHIN Li 金莉  (Taiwan)

CHIN Li 金莉

Distinguished Assistant Professor at Hsuan Chuang University


IMWA Goddess of Beauty – International Watercolour Flowers Exhibition

Invited lecturer to the watercolor seminars in Russia and China

Jury member to the international watercolor competitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and IMWA International Watercolour Flowers Exhibition

Works published on Watercolor Art (France), Chinese Watercolor (Hong Kong), and International Watercolor Art (Russia)







Divine Aroma   天香

2023 | Watercolor 水彩 |94 × 79 cm

Painting flowers for years, I was said to be madly in love with flowers and praised for my capturing of flowers’ souls. It was influenced by my father’s pursuit for the beautiful things in life. This work employs peony, the King of the Flowers, as the subject. Divine Aroma represents the elegance and tenderness of peony. The floral texture and the romantic vibe are highlighted using the flowing technique, in which a tint of light flows from the dark part.


Oceanic Charm   海韻

2023 | Watercolor 水彩 |37×56 cm * 2pieces

The flowing technique is a painting technique passed down by my father. It is a special effect born from the mutual flowing and permeation of colors, which presents surprises every so often. It is perfect for representing the view by seashore. Although we cannot tell the result as we paint, the artistic conception and style in the image is what we seek.


A Peaceful Afternoon   靜靜的午後

2023 | Watercolor 水彩 |76 x 90 cm

Still life was the onset for my watercolor practice. I was trained in terms of shape, light contrast, lighting, color, texture, composition, and spatial relationship, all with still life. The white clay pot is integrated with the red, purple, and yellow fruits, as well as the cloth and the yellow background. Amidst the tender light of afternoon, they form a picture of warmth, rendering a luxuriant visual satisfaction.


Cornucopian Bliss   豐碩的喜悅

2023 | Watercolor 水彩 |88 × 70 cm

Corn has always been my favorite subject-matter for presentation. Warmth and bliss flow from the golden hue. With a vertical composition and the Hakka floral cloth as the base, together with a black porcelain plate, there comes a color contrast of red, white, and black. Aside from the ethnic flavor, the S-shaped rhythm sets it apart from the visual effect in the ordinary composition of still life.